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My Bachelor’s thesis (Facharbeit), February 2005

        “Die Großmuschelpopulation im Rosensee” (German only)

My Master’s thesis (Diplomarbeit), April 2006

        “The influence of different culture conditions on the production
        of aldeydes by diatoms”

My doctoral thesis, November 2009

        “Abiotic stress response in Ectocarpus - a global approach”

My research papers (via scientific social networks)


Links to my Research

I am a marine biologist interested in the biology and evolution of micro- and macroalgae

  1. ChainCounter (page German only, tool English)
            (a simple tool to record cell numbers and chain length of phytoplankton)

  2. The Ectocarpus Transcriptomics Homepage (mirror)
            (resources for microarray experiments with Ectocarpus

  3. Online Shapiro-Test
            (Javascript implementation of the Shapiro Wilks Normality test)

  4. MIDTAL GPR-Analyzer (mirror)
            (A Java tool for the analysis of hierarchical multi-species microarrays)

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